Mother & Baby Photoshoot

What better way to spend a quiet Friday weekend morning in the studio photographing your friends with their kids in a simple, fun environment. I had spoken with my friends previously and we agreed about which theme would go for who and needless to say they were all happy with the results as I was. Just some simple solid backdrops, some fun props and great smiles and moments to capture. 

Caramelt Photoshoot

I was hired a couple of weeks ago to photograph 14 different flavours of caramel candies. Wasn't a hard decision at all to say Yes to. The creator's personal friends had also worked as a food stylist in her past briefly so both of is combining aesthetic touches with the high-grade prime lenses I had at my disposal, we were able to create seriously yummy images of the juicy caramel. You can click in the food section of my portfolio to see more of those images.

Behind the scenes images of the photoshoot with Caramelt.

Behind the scenes images of the photoshoot with Caramelt.

the Cafe' Gourmand

My family recently opened up a new boutique/bistro cafe’ in a local mall in Amman, Jordan. Called The Cafe’ Gourmand which means “greedy coffee lover”. I did the photography for the place and these three are some of my favorites. One thing I’ve learnt when doing something creative for the family is that they never really tell you what they want. They put all the pressure on you to deliver, and then you’re kinda stuck with so much flexibility and freedom that you don’t know where to start. But in all cases, you do what you know and you try to deliver the highest quality of images that you can. The set-up was really simple; since I knew they wanted more than one set-up I made sure to keep my equipment to a minimum so, out-door sunshine with a small diffuser and a mini 500W continuos light for Fill. These are some of the finalized images from that day.