An Out-of-Comfort-Zone Self-Portrait

This is Dina Fawakhiri. A good friend of mine who is a talented artist and illustrator. The idea of this portrait came to me one day where I wanted to photograph an artist in the midst of doing a self-portrait of themselves. I called her up and proposed the idea and she was excited; for two reasons, she's never done a self-portrait before, especially at this size on a wall, and she's never used this kind of paint. So I basically said "Get out of your comfort-zone and let's make something". After 3 Tuesday evening sessions, the last one being yesterday Dec.16th, she'd been sketching with a pencil her outlines and erasing and then sketching again using a phone-pic of herself as a reference. In a spur of the moment kind of thing, she got fed-up with how meticulous she was becoming trying to make it perfect, or just right, or justifying and in an artistic instant, she threw away everything, picked up the brush and just painted. This is the final result... I didn't want my photograph to be technically or artistically connected as artist to art-piece, I just wanted to capture a meaningful moment of accomplishment and keep the focus on the artist and art itself.