Various photographs I've captured during my employment at the Royal Hashemite Court in His Majesty King Abdullah II's & Crown Prince Al-Hussein's office, a selection of video's I've filmed, co-filmed and edited during the three years (2015-2016-2017-Present) that I am currently positioned as Operations Supervisor & Photo/Videographer/Editor for the Digital Communications Department...

(Arranged in random order...)

His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan

Crown Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II of Jordan & Hashemite Family

An extensive sample of the videos released during 2015, 2016 and 2017... 

جلالة القائد الأعلى للقوات المسلحة الأردنية يفتتح فعاليات معرض معدات قوات العمليات الخاصة سوفكس 2016 His Majesty King Abdullah II, the Supreme Commander of the Jordan Armed Forces inaugurates the Special Operations Forces Exhibition SOFEX 2016